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Resources for Smarter Education Management

Getting the most out of your employee education program is critical to your organization and your bottom line. That's why we take a strategic approach to education assistance management. We help you align your employee goals with your corporate objectives to help you create a strong competitive advantage. 

Learn more about the many ways EdAssist helps you maximize your strategic investment:

Tap into what makes EdAssist the industry leader in strategic adult education management. Read how we help maximize your investment.

Case Studies
See how EdAssist helps top companies maximize their tuition investment and meet organizational goals.

Keep up with the latest adult learning trends, information, and insights presented by a range of industry experts at the forefront of adult education.

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Employee Resources
Get valuable guidance for both your employees as well as your organization. Here are some helpful tools:


Industry Insights
Learn about trends and innovations for effective adult education management from our partners and other experts.



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